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In many countries of East Africa, millions of feet are infected with a bug called jiggers, this bug burrows under the skin and toenails laying eggs and leaving painful soars. Some have even died from being overly affected by this bug.

What is the solution. Shoes!

Throughout the world millions of quality shoes are thrown away every year!

But your shoes can be reused in providing protection for those who are
suffering from the infection of jiggers.

Container structures

More than providing shoes, the containers that are used to transport our shoes will be turned into a container school providing education for children in Africa.

Forgotten People Connection
with Step30 International Ministries

Canada shoe collection flow chart

Vancouver Only

Each container can fit
1500 standard bags of shoes
(each bag holds about 20 pairs)

Partner up with organizations/events;
each is In charge to fill several bags provided by Step30,
then transport them to the storage location.


COC inspection staff approving
the content of the bags, and issue
out custom clearing certificate.

One day event to upload the shoes
and paint the container for its future
container classroom purpose

Ship to Kenya

Partner with us

We are looking for passionated individuals or organizations to partner with us by
volunteering to be in charge of collecting 50 to 100 bags of second-hand shoes from their commnity.

In order to full fill Kenya donation import regulation, All shoes will use customized shoes bag only,
Bags will be provided by Step30,
and each partner will be responsible to fill them up and transport them to the storage location.


For shoes collecting event only host in Vancouver, Canada

We also do

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payable to "Forgotten People Connection"
c/o Allen Remley, 4458 side Rd. 20 N, Guelph, ON, Canada.

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