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Village Transformation(偏鄉翻轉)

Donated 2nd hand items are the stepping stone to reach out to the villages in east Africa countries. Our long-term goal is to transform village with various developmental projects: preventing jigger problems through Shoes for Life, setting up safe classrooms for children through Vessel of Hope, drilling wells for clean drinking water through Living Water, promoting agricultural skills and balanced diets through Green Farming. Only when those projects are combined together in one village, comprehensive change can be realized. So far we have supported and empowered 4 villages with more than 30,000 people in East Africa.

Shoes for Life:The best way to prevent jigger problems are health and hygiene education, ensuring a clean environment and simply putting on shoes. However it's very difficult for many east Africans to afford shoes when the average daily income is only $2USD and there is a severe lack of resources and infrastructure.

Vessel of Hope:Transforming the unloaded, empty containers into classrooms, the Container School Project structures are also built with locally-made bricks. In this way, we provide a safe and secure environment for pupils to study, creating a better tomorrow together.

Living Water:Without water, we cannot survive. People living below the poverty line in rural Africa share untreated water with animals, Creating an even higher risk of contracting diseases. 

To help end the cycle of poverty, we hope to equip villagers with self-sufficient skills along the way, so they will no longer need humanitarian aid and truly overcome the plight of generational poverty. When a rural village is given a chance to change and thrive, we'll move on to the next one so we may reach more people and see a different future ahead. Village Transformation is Step30’s roadmap and blueprint for rural African aeas, and we are striving to carry out the plans one step at a time.

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