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MOVE Missionary

Missionary work is the will of God and a entrusted responsibility of the church. However, today, Taiwanese churches face challenges in cross-cultural missions, such as a disconnect with missionaries, lack of mission strategies, and insufficient organizational systems. "Move Mission" aims to motivate Taiwanese churches in responding to the Great Commission through a comprehensive sending procedure.


Three major missionary missions:


【Connecting Church Missions】
We want to establish connections with local churches who also share a common vision. Through clear missionary strategies and goals, together we can prepare and send missionaries. Simultaneously, the church will understand the operational procedures on the field, enabling real-time care for sent missionaries and encouraging church members to actively engage in the mission.

【Reaching the Unreached】
We provide a comprehensive ten-month missionary training, simulating life in the field. Covering language and culture, daily life management, and gospel delivery, the training offers practical exercises. Establish reporting and emergency exit procedures to assist missionaries in reaching their target communities, settling in, and establishing missionary work.。

【Establishing Local Churches】
Our goal is to ensure the complete transmission of the gospel to unreached communities, including, when necessary, translating the Bible into local languages,
set up elders, and providing mentorship. After the local leaders are able to confidently run the church without further guidance from missionaries, they can pass on their work and leave the field. They will continue to observe and support the local church.

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