Our Story

Our Story
Organizational mission

Spread the Gospel of Christ and Care for the Difficulties of the World

The association originated from the activities initiated by Canadian pastor Allen Remley, who has been deeply involved in Africa for more than ten years, and young missionary Yang Youren and his wife, and many friends who care about African work. Among them, there are teachers, students, pastors, project managers, and professional workers from various fields who make selfless dedication, stepping out of the comfort zone with us and entering the world and Africa to send care.

Footprints of young people turning the world over

In sub-Saharan Africa, many children cannot live beyond the age of five, and more than one million school children have no shoes to wear, and the journey to school takes an average of 60 to 90 minutes every day. "Sand fleas" are a disease common to children without shoes, and are fatal to some children. The little sand fleas eroded the feet and cut off the dream.

"Old Shoes. Help" calls on young people who are willing to contribute to the change of the world to take practical actions through caring and empathy. In addition to material donations, the containers loaded with supplies are also turned into classrooms, clinics, churches and community care points. He also drilled wells locally to supply clean water, and taught animal husbandry and organic farming to help remote villages become self-reliant. Cooperate with many international organizations to walk into the forgotten corners of Africa and care for children and friends in extreme poverty, regardless of skin color or religion. We serve the youngest brother and fulfill God's mission to love our neighbor as ourselves.

International vision and cooperation

International Vision and Cooperation "Old Shoes. Help" is currently working in extremely poor and remote rural areas in Kenya, Uganda, Swatini, South Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi, Togo and other countries. We join hands with many young people from all over the world to go to Africa, to personally participate in thinking about poverty issues, roll up our sleeves and cooperate with more than 100 local house churches in Africa, international organizations from the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and other local non-profit organizations. Organizational cooperation.

The implementation of each plan is driven by project management and youth training, reaching the extreme poor and remote villages, communities, and schools. And train to track the direction of each implementation, improve the success rate of each project investment, through the promotion of the plan, dialogue with local leaders in Africa, the local people become working partners, and use actions to contribute to the dream of changing the world.