Our Projects
More than shoes.  

Starting with a pair of old shoes,  we have better understanding of local cultures, conditions and demands, we have a deep insight on our mission. Now, we are devoted to bringing opportunities for transformation various developmental projects to the rural East Africa.

Let us uphold our faith and persevere in sowing the seeds of change for African children, and practicing God's mission of loving unselfishly and unconditionally. Walking out of poverty step by step, we invite you to keep moving forward with us.


Jiggers are a parasitic flea that sucks blood and lives in humans, they pose tremendous threats to impoverished people in east Africa. The best way to prevent jigger problems are health and hygiene education, ensuring a clean environment and simply putting on shoes. However it's very difficult for many east Africans to afford shoes when the average daily income is only USD$2 and there is a severe lack of resources and infrastructure.
The dilapidated school buildings reveal the lack of educational resources in rural East Africa. Classrooms are either built with thin wood sheets or framed by branches and plastered with mud, which is fragile. In some cases, they don't even have school buildings. Teachers can only teach under the trees.  More than transforming the unloaded, empty containers into classrooms, the Container School Project also builds them with local-made bricks. In this way, we provide a safer, steadier environment for pupils to study, creating a better tomorrow together.
Water is essential for all of us to maintain body function, and it is a crucial part of our everyday lives.  Without water, we cannot survive. People living below the poverty line in rural Africa share untreated water with animals, thus creating high risks of contracting diseases. As a result, millions of children's lives are threatened. Many health centers in rural areas are also incapable of providing comprehensive medical care without clean water.
In rural East Africa, the majority of the population are farmers, the food supply is sufficient, however, children are often malnourished due to a lack of food diversity. Green Life Farming project offers farming skills and knowledge to rural farmers, educating them on how to plant nutrient rich plants and vegetables, allowing them to thrive on nutritional diets throughout the year. At the same time, this project can also serve as a farming demonstration centre for teaching and training purposes. We all look forward to seeing long lasting transformation.
Sending volunteer groups from Taiwan to east Africa have been one of the long-term operations of Step30. Over the past few years, we have led 427 volunteers to walk into East Africa, visited over 100 families in villages, held jigger treatment for children, cared for orphanages and schools, and learned from African mama's what everyday life is like in the village. 
3.1 billion people, which is 41% of the population in the world has no chance or excess to gospel. This group of people is called "Unreached people". So far there are only around 10,000 missionaries living among the Unreached people, which is about 3% of the missionaries. "Preach the gospel to all creation" is God's will and His mission for the church. MOVE's goal is to use systematic ways to train and prepare missionaries before sending them out so that churches may respond to the great commission. 
Our long-term goal is to transform the village with various developmental projects: preventing jigger problems through Shoes for Life, setting up safe classrooms for children through Vessel of Hope, drilling wells for clean drinking water through Living Water, promoting agricultural skills and balanced diets through Green Life Farming. Only when those projects are combined together in one village, comprehensive change can be realized.