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How you can support us.

When you donate to Step30 International Ministries, your donation goes toward transport resources, provide education, clean water and developing communities in Africa. You can donate by:
Bank Name : E.Sun Commercial Bank,Ltd., Taipei,Taiwan

Organization Name : Step30 International Ministries
Account # : 0587-441-030377
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 Donated Items

Donation Guidelines

FootwearUrgently needed for children under twelve.
Used ShoesAcceptable male and female shoes in usable condition, primarily flat shoes. No holes, wear and tear, cracks, peeling, or oxidation.
Used ClothingMainly summer clothing (for adults and children; no undergarments or socks).
BackpacksGraduation-style backpacks and other bags suitable for A4-sized items (no environmentally friendly bags, non-woven bags, hard-shell cases, or trolley bags).

【Requested Items 

Used Shoes
Used shoes of usable quality, regardless of size or age, for both men and women (preferably flat shoes). They should not have holes, excessive wear, cracks, peeling, or oxidation.
1. Please tie the shoes together with shoelaces or strings after cleaning to keep pairs intact.
2. Avoid using plastic bags or shoeboxes for packaging. Multiple pairs can be placed in one cardboard box without excessive individual packaging, e.g., no individual plastic bags or shoeboxes for each pair.
Used Bags
Graduation backpacks and various A4-sized bags are accepted; excessively small bags are not suitable.
*Environmentally friendly bags, non-woven bags, hard-shell bags, and wheeled bags are not accepted.
Used Clothing
1. Primarily summer clothing and pants for both adults and children.
2. Unidentified school uniforms can be donated.
3. Please ensure clothes are clean, inspected, and organized before donation.
4. Underwear, socks, and heavily discolored, stained, or damaged clothing are not accepted.
5. Due to cultural differences, overly revealing or excessively short skirts or pants are not suitable for girls in African countries.

Unwanted Items 

Styles not suitable for wear, slippers, high heels, platform shoes, long boots, snow boots, sandals, crocs, plastic shoes, sports sandals, short rain boots.
Shoes with logos worn out, heavily damaged, soles detached, openings, oxidized uppers, or cracked soles are not accepted.
*These items are unsuitable due to climate, environment, and durability; please refrain from donating them.
Bags that cannot accommodate A4 size, coin purses, plastic or hard-shell materials, non-woven shopping bags, paper bags, plastic bags, wheeled backpacks, suitcases.
*These items are unsuitable due to environmental, climatic factors, practicality, and the risk of hard-shell items breaking during container shipping; please refrain from donating them.
Overly revealing, excessively short, underwear, swimsuits, overly warm winter clothes, hats, accessories.
*These items are unsuitable due to environmental, climatic, and cultural factors; please refrain from donating them.







You can come on your own or arrange a group of volunteers to pack and organize shoes and clothing in our warehouse. Volunteers are always needed for us to continue meet the needs of those around the world. 
You can register to volunteer by contacting



Organize a fundraising/collection event 
 If you are passionate about what we do and want to involve your organization or community to make a difference, you can arrange a fundraiser or shoe collection event in your location. 
Contact us for more information about hosting an event: