Our team

Our Team
Yu-Jen Yang

Yu-Jen Yang is committed to promoting the Christian faith, community service, youth counseling and international humanitarian relief activities. In 2014, he launched the "Old Shoes for Life" organization to care for areas of extreme poverty in East Africa, and then expanded to many African countries to implement community infrastructure development, connecting countries around the world. A charitable organization that provides young students with access to the world and influences social groups with practical actions.

Executive Team
Kara Remley Yang
Mei Lin
Zoe Huang
Finance _Treasurer
Emily Liu
Supporter Engagement_Manager
Monica Ting
Resource Development _Senior Manager
Emily Tao
Resource Development _Senior Manager
Lilian Hung
Domestic Volunteer_Specialist
Ophelia Teng
Volunteers Project manager
Wei Chang
MOVE Mission_Manager
Tony Chen
Resource Development _Specialist
Sandy Cheng
Volunteers Project Manager
Becca Hou
Volunteers Project Specialist
Logistics Team
Ben Hsu
Warehouse Leader
Austin Chen
Certified Professional Logistician(CPL)
Amos Lee
Finance Consultant
Zhan Kang Rong
Legal Consultant
Mr. and Mrs. Vence Soong
Missionary & Image spokesperson